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How to Cancel BT Broadband Early [Before Contract Ends]

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BT is considered the most popular internet service provider (ISP) in the United Kingdom. Many people enjoy the fast unlimited broadband service that it offers. Even though it provides excellent speed, fantastic package options, and other perks to the users, some people prefer stepping out of the contract, thereby cancelling their BT broadband during or at the end of the contract.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the cancellation of BT broadband services:

Check your contract:

First things first. It is integral to check your contract before cancelling the same. Check whether you are still in agreement with the service provider or not. If you are still in contract and looking forward to cancelling it, you will be obligated to pay a termination fee. Unless cancelling becomes unavoidable for you, we advise you to wait for the contract to end and then cancel it.

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Cancelling BT broadband early:

It is the simplest way to cancel your broadband connection with the company. You can look for other internet service providers in your area. If you want to cancel the broadband services with BT at the end of the contract, call on the service provider’s number – 0800 783 1401. Their Customer Care executive will receive you. Talk to them about the cancellation of the plan, and they shall proceed with your request.

Cancelling BT broadband while in the contract:

BT broadband allows you to cancel your subscription even in the middle of your contract. Most of the broadband services come with a length of 12 months, 18 months, and even 24 months. If you plan to cancel the service during the minimum term, the procedure is the same as above. The only difference is that you will have to pay an early termination charge, ETC, to cover the remaining months on your BT broadband contract.

The company’s early termination charges are the total of the remaining monthly payments present on your plan, sans VAT. The company also offers you a 1 per cent discount. It means you are required to pay only 82.5 per cent of the remaining monthly charges.

broadband bill

Upon cancelling your BT broadband out of the minimum initial term, only a 30-day notice period charge will apply to the process of cancellation. In case you have a BT mobile SIM card attached to your prime BT account, the service provider will charge different cancellation fees on your BT mobile.

The company has further stated that you can alternatively continue using the services from BT mobile SIM cards even after cancelling other services. However, you will lose the discount offers reserved for all the BT broadband customers.

You may as well save yourself from paying the early cancellation fee while cancelling your BT account before the expiration of the contract. Provided your BT broadband speed remains slower than the minimum guaranteed download speed offered by the brand. Alternatively, it is possible if the company increases your charges more than the inflation rate. It is advised to first inquire about the slow speed and existing issue with the service provider. If they cannot find a resolution to the problem, you will be released from your contract without penalty.

Once you have cancelled your BT broadband contract, it is imperative to return the BT Wi-Fi router to the company. If not returned on time, you will be charged for the router. You can drop the router at the BT store or connect with any customer care executives to learn about the process. Even when you have cancelled the BT broadband contract, you can retain your telephone number. You can tell your new service provider that you want to keep your phone number upon signing up with them.


Cancellation of BT broadband services is possible, during or at the end of the agreement. Inquire about your BT broadband plan with the service provider if you are cancelling it during the agreement period. If not, the process becomes easier and you can proceed towards opting for better broadband service.

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