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How to Cancel Onestream Broadband: Fees & How to Leave

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Onestream is a popular Internet Service Provider (ISP) operating its services throughout the United Kingdom. The brand is also popular for its other communication and media services. The brand provides good speed (check your speed), easy to set up broadband connection, and affordable broadband plans using which you can enjoy an effortless internet service in your area.

Although Onestream is a sought-after internet service provider, you may still want to cancel your subscription with your service and choose other service providers. The reasons could be many. In either case, it is advised to proceed to switch to the next service provider only after cancelling your subscription with the current one.

As the contract term with the service provider may vary according to the plan you have opted for, we recommend checking your existing contract terms before proceeding with cancellation.

Here is everything you need to know about the cancellation of your Onestream Broadband during or at the end of the contract:

Check your contract:

As stated, before you begin the contract cancellation process, it is compulsory to check the contract. When you are still in the minimum contract period with the service provider, cancelling your agreement may get expensive for you.

Onestream Broadband

The company may charge you a fee to cover all the remaining months in your plan. You can get in touch with Customer Care at Onestream and find out how many months are remaining in your contract.

Cancelling Onestream Broadband at the end of the contract:

The most significant benefit of ending your agreement with this service provider at the end of the contract is that you do not have to pay any extra fee. Yes, you can step out of your contract for free, and the company will not put any obligatory charges/fee on you.
You can cancel your contract using three different ways:

Calling the service provider:

You can get in touch with the Customer Care of Onestream and ask them to cancel your contract for the reasons whatsoever. Call their Customer Care number – 0333 241 4449. A Customer Care executive will attend to you. They will process the cancellation request, after which you can switch to the next service provider.

Sending a mail:

You can also send an email to your current service provider and then request your broadband agreement’s cancellation. The email address of Onestream is [email protected]. The company will process your cancellation request at the earliest.

Writing to the company:

Lastly, you can cancel your broadband subscription with the company by writing them and posting the application on their physical address. Mention all the needful details like your name, address, contact number, current plan, etc. You can further make things easier by downloading their cancellation form containing all the details you need to fill for cancellation. Once you have filled in all the essential information, send them to the below-listed address:

Onestream House,
4400 Parkway,
PO15 7FJ.

The service provider will process your request at the earliest.

Cancelling Onestream Broadband in the middle of the contract:

The process of withdrawing your Onestream Broadband in the middle of the contract is the same as above. You can utilize the above-mentioned three methods and request cancellation. However, there is a slight difference. You are expected to pay a fee or early termination charge to the service provider.

The early termination charge is paid for all the remaining months in your contract. Upon cancelling the agreement in the middle, the company will charge a fee for each remaining month. The price so charged depends upon the plan that you have opted for. You can get in touch with Customer Care to know about the cost of early termination of the plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the notification period for the cancellation of broadband with Onestream?
You need to inform the company about your cancellation of the broadband services 30 days before such cancellation. The rule applies to both situations – cancelling during the contract and at the end of the contract.

Can I keep my Onestream Wi-Fi router even after the cancellation?
The company lets you keep the router if you are not in the contract after your broadband plan expiry. But if you have ended the subscription in the middle of the agreement, you need to return the router at your own expense. If not returned on time, you will have to pay for the same.

Can I keep my phone number even after switching to other networks?
You can keep your phone number even after switching to other networks. Before you subscribe to another network, inform your new internet service provider about keeping the number.

Does Onestream allow cancelling for free if the broadband is very slow?
The company may allow you to cancel its broadband for free on account of slow speed at its own discretion and not at your own call. It is, therefore, essential to follow the complaints procedure. If you are not happy with your broadband plan’s speed, start by seeking technical support from the service provider.

What are the other Internet Service Provider options to switch?
You can switch to other internet service providers such as BT broadband, Direct Save broadband, EE Broadband, John Lewis broadband, Origin broadband, and many others. Begin by exploring each service, know about its broadband plans. Read about the customers’ reviews and then switch to the best service provider present in your area.

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