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How to Cancel Origin Broadband: Fees and How to Leave

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Origin is a small but pocket-friendly broadband provider that is the best-suited option for everyone who looks forward to seeking customer service and value for money broadband connection in the United Kingdom.

The speed of this internet service provider is similar to that of other providers. In some cases, you may find their speed lower than the other contenders in the market. It may prompt you to change your internet service provider and switch to a faster-operating network.

You can cancel your broadband service with this internet service provider. But before initiating the step, it is pertinent to read all the terms of your agreement. It is because the service provider allows different provisions for the cancellation of the contract in other instances.

You may cancel your agreement in between or at the end of the contract. Reading this article will give you clarity about the procedure, terms and conditions, and other necessary information:

Check your contract:

Before starting the process of cancellation of the contract, you must check its terms and conditions. Origin Broadband extends a minimum time of 12 or 18-months on all its deals.

If you are cancelling your agreement at the end of this period, you don’t have to pay an extra cancellation fee. However, if you are changing your internet service provider between the contract, you will be liable to pay the current service provider.

Always wait for your contract to end. It will save you from bearing unnecessary expenses.

Cancelling the Origin Broadband at the end of the contract:

You can cancel your contract with the current service provider and switch to a better option at the end of the contract. Ensure that you give 14-day time to the existing service for your broadband to be changed to a newer one.

Origin Broadband

The process of cancellation at the end of the contract is straightforward. All you need to do is to call on the number – 0330 024 024 1777.

The Customer care executive will attend your call, after which you can make your request.

Cancelling the Origin Broadband during the contract:

Some events may compel you to cancel your subscription with Origin in the middle of your ongoing contract. The process for cancellation is similar to that listed above. The only point of difference here is that you will have to pay an early termination charge. The total calculation of the termination charge is done by considering the remaining months present in your contract.

So, how is the cancellation fee calculated when you step out of the contract in the middle?
Origin Broadband charges you for the total remaining cost of the service. Take whatever amount you are paying the service per month and then calculate it with the remaining time present in your contract.

After cancelling the contract, you are also liable to return the router to the company. If you fail to return the router on time, the company may charge you a fine. Origin claims to reimburse the cost of packaging and post up to £3.50. If not returning the router at the stipulated time, you will have to pay £40 to the company.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the notification period of the Origin broadband?
This broadband service requires prior notification of 30 days. You can connect with their Customer Care executive and notify them about the cancellation of your broadband services.

Can I keep my phone number after switching to the other service provider?
Yes, you can keep your current phone number even after switching to a different network. But do not forget to inform your new internet service provider when you sign up with them.

Can I cancel my contract for free if Origin broadband is too slow?
This internet service provider has not signed to the Ofcom’s voluntary broadband speed code of practice. Thus, you do not have the right to cancel your broadband because of slow speed. But it is still possible to release yourself from the contract if the service is underperforming. You have a right to raise an official complaint with the company. We advise you to speak to their technical support in the first place.

What are some other options of internet service providers to switch?
There are a plethora of options available if you do not find the current internet services satisfactory. Check out the options like Openreach (BT Line) telephone network, TalkTalk Fibre 65, Sky Broadband Superfast, Now Broadband, EE Broadband, Direct Save Broadband, and many more.

Can I cancel my contract if Origin Broadband raises its price?
You are entitled to cancel your current broadband service if your service provider has raised the cost in the middle of your contract. If it increases your price when you are in a fixed-term contract, you can cancel the services without paying a single penny.


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