The Most Accurate Internet Speed Checker Tool

Discover the speed of your internet connection real quick. Identify ping, jitter, download and upload speed from a single tool. Check My Speed should be your on the go tool for checking your internet speed. Keep yourself safe from speed frauds. Check your internet speed now.

⚡️ About Check My Speed

Check My Speed is a platform to help you identify your internet speed on a daily basis which could help you understand that you aren’t cheated from your broadband providers. Plus you will get all answers for all your questions related to internet speed issues.

How does speed test works?

Speed test is basically a tool for end users to get the final speed in numbers. Behind that there are various process which could result the final number i.e. it first checks the quality of ping from your location, and then download and upload speed, and finally the final connection speed based on the device which you are using. Some of the application may hinder your speed like VPN. So it is advisable to turn off VPN before testing your internet speed in order to get the correct numbers.

Why should I test my internet speed?

There are various benefit of testing your internet speed on day to day basis – a) helps you identify the actual speed of your internet connection for which you are paying to your ISP (internet service provider), b) at start ISP provides full speed and slow it down after some days so it is advisable to check your speed daily, and last but not least c) helps you understand what type of application or website can work on your current internet speed.

🚀 Important Metrics to Test

Some of the important metrics which user should look at while testing internet connection speed. Please have a look to the below to know more.

What is Download Speed?

Download speed means the total amount of data your internet connection retrieves from the internet in a given time, usually denoted in Megabits per second (Mbps or Mb/s). One must have good download speed if you are streaming movies or songs online. You can learn more about download speed on Quora.

What is Upload Speed?

Upload speed is just a reversal of download speed. The total amount of data you send from your computer to the internet. One must have good upload speed if you have so many interactions with sending emails, playing online video games, or doing video calling, anything that requires data to travel in the opposite direction to work smoothly.

What is a Ping (latency)?

Ping aka latency is a delay of the signal your data package takes to complete its roundtrip from your computer to the internet and sends an acknowledgment back to the host that your data package has been received. Basically reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol network. Denoted most often in Milliseconds (ms).